The Menopause Bible: The Complete Practical Guide to Managing Your Menopause Издательство: Firefly Books, 2005 г Мягкая обложка, 256 стр ISBN 1554070678 инфо 4138n.

An illustrated and comprehensive handbook for women on coping physically, mentally and emotionally with "the change" The hormonal changes in women during menopause have a dramatic impact on physicаэхмьal, mental, and emotional health Although menopause is universal for women, no two go through it the same way The Menopause Bible is a contemporary reference book that explains what it is, what happens, what can be done to minimize its effects, and how to maintain oблфуюptimal health The book is designed to help all women whether choosing a drug-free transition or medical intervention The book covers every aspect of menopause: - Why and how menopause occurs - Symptoms of menopause - Specific related health issues such as osteoporosis - Sexual health and techniques - Drug and alternative treatments - Positive impact of proper diet and exercise - Regular health monitoring In-depth and up-to-date information on the controversial hormone replacementбсйнф therapy (HRT) includes the risk factors, who can benefit, recommended monitoring procedures, and courses of treatment While women with menopausal difficulties were once treated solely with HRT, now there are a number of options, including alternative treatments such as herbal replacementsupplements Illustrated with full-color anatomical drawings and helpful photographs, The Menopause Bible enables a woman to take active control of her overall health at a critical time in her life Автор Робин Н Филлипс Robin N Phillips.

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