Project Finance for Constructions & Infrastructure: Principles & Case Studies Фонг-Чанг Цзу Berry Fong-Chung Hsu инфо 4080n.

This is a self-contained text on the logic and institutions of project finance, supplemented by a series of project finance case studies illustrating applications in different economic environments, across difаэхлвferent jurisdictions and at different stages of development It will introduce an analytical framework drawing on applied institutional economics that includes and concentrates primarily on an analysis of the institutional logic behind generic project finance arrangemeблфсхnts The application of the institutional framework will be demonstrated with project cases from Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Europe and Azerbaijan - each at different stages of development While each project case will have a general theme and will highlight aspects of interest to built environment professionals, it will primarily be used to illustrate one or more specific PF/PFI principle Авторы (показать всех авторов) Frederik Pretorius Douglas Arner Берри Фонг-Чанг Цзу Berry Fбсймюong-Chung Hsu.

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