Sports and the Law: Text, Cases and Problems (American Casebook Series) Издательство: West, 2004 г Твердый переплет, 1185 стр ISBN 031414630X инфо 4035n.

This Sports and the Law: Text, Cases and Problems casebook covers various aspects of professional sports, including the unique office of the league commissioner, the many contract, antitrust, and labor law dimаэхкаensions of the player-labor market, and the peculiar institution of the player agent in a unionized industry Looks at the system of college athletics governed by the NCAA and how law impacts individual sports like golf, tennis, boxing, and the motor sports, as well asблфры the structure and operation of international Olympic sports It also focuses on tort and criminal law issues arising out of the personal injuries caused by sports Авторы Paul C Weiler Гэри Р Робертс Gary R Roberts.