Magicians On Ice: The Story of the Single Greatest Hockey Dynasty of All Time Volume #1 Издательство: Authorhouse, 2008 г Мягкая обложка, 140 стр ISBN 1434357740 Язык: Английский инфо 4018n.

On Friday evening, February 22 1980, the USA Olympic hockey team defeated the vaunted soviet union 4 to 3 in the semi final match at lake placid, New York It was the single greatest upset in the history of spаэхйбorts In the book, magician's on ice, author timothy j Thompson describes in detail the origins of the great soviet hockey dynasty He traces the roots of hockey in Russia, examines the soviet philosophy with regard to the sport, discusses their unique training methodблфрбs, and provides the reader with background information on the two patriarchs of soviet hockey The second half of the book takes the reader though each game the soviets played in the 1954 world championships You will read about unprecedented offensive firepower, spectacular goal tending, and tremendous victories There are 10 wonderful photographs included for the readers' enjoyment, along with a full and comprehensive index that makes it quite easy to find out interesting tidbits ofбсймо info at the drop of a hat The soviets had the single greatest dynasty in the history of hockey This fantastic book tells how it all began Автор Timothy Thompson.

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