Giles of Rome's: On Ecclesiastical Power Издательство: Columbia University Press, 2004 г Твердый переплет, 440 стр ISBN 0-231-12802-9 инфо 4011n.

Giles of Rome - Aegidius or Egidius Romanus, surnamed Colonna - combined several roles in his distinguished career: senior ecclesiastic, prolific author and commentator, university teacher and political theoriаэхищst It is under this last aspect that we are concerned with him He produced two essays in political analysis: a treatise called "De regimine principum", completed in about 1280, and this work - "On Ecclesiastical Power" "Giles of Rome's qблфпъ"On Ecclesiastical Power," is a discourse on there lation ship between royal (secular) and papal (spiritual) power, which represents a full exposition of the papal point of view RWDyson presents here a careful edition and facing-page translation of this important text in the history of political thought" Joel Kaye, Barnard College Издание с параллельным текстом на латинском языке Автор Роберт Дайсон (автор, переводчик) Robert W Dyson.