Code: Version 2 0 Издательство: Basic Books, 2006 г Мягкая обложка, 416 стр ISBN 0465039146 инфо 3857n.

The "alarming and impassioned"* book on how the Internet is redefining constitutional law, now reissued as the first popular book revised online by its readers (*New York Times) There's a common belаэхбюief that cyberspace cannot be regulated-that it is, in its very essence, immune from the government's (or anyone else's) control Code, first published in 2000, argues that this belief is wrong It is not in the nature of cyberspace to be unregulable; cyberspace has noблфлл "nature" It only has code-the software and hardware that make cyberspace what it is That code can create a place of freedom-as the original architecture of the Net did-or a place of oppressive control Under the influence of commerce, cyberpsace is becoming a highly regulable space, where behavior is much more tightly controlled than in real space But that's not inevitable either We can-we must-choose what kind of cyberspace we want and what freedoms we will guarantee бсйлеThese choices are all about architecture: about what kind of code will govern cyberspace, and who will control it In this realm, code is the most significant form of law, and it is up to lawyers, policymakers, and especially citizens to decide what values that code embodies Since its original publication, this seminal book has earned the status of a minor classic This second edition, or Version 20, has been prepared through the author's wiki, a web site that allows readers to edit the text, making this the first reader-edited revision of a popular book Автор Лоуренс Лессиг Lawrence Lessig.