The Studio Book 2004 г 224 стр ISBN 0789310074 инфо 3839n.

Book Description Who wouldn't want a studio in the sun and by the sea? For those of us who have always dreamt of having a wonderful studio space, this book is a treasure of eclectic studios informed by the sаэхбжpirit, energy, and creativity of their owners Featured here are thirty-six historical and contemporary studios that have emerged from a unique studio tradition Ranging from serene, contemplative spaces to busy workshops, all provide inspiration and ideas for creativeблфкы work spaces Many of the studios shown have been designed by great architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Charles and Ray Eames, Bernard Maybeck, Julia Morgan, and A Quincy Jones; and, while we are not all able to call on the talents of such luminaries in the designof our own personal spaces, we are sure to benefit from the wonderfully creative studios here on display.

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