Pure Dance: Photographs of the Stuttegart Ballet 2004 г 196 стр ISBN 3832790039 инфо 3769n.

Book DescriptionHere is a collection of dance photographs unlike any other In a series of breathtakingly beautiful pictures taken over a period of five years, Dieter Blum focuses his astute camera on 37 of thаэфэыe 53 dancers in the world-renowned Stuttgart Ballet to explore the sculptural aspects of this exquisitely schooled human form; its strength, suppleness, discipline, mystery and possibilities for movement Because all of the dancers are photographed in the nude, Blum suблфизcceeds in capturing the dynamicmovement, musicality, and magic of these classically trained dance artists Each photograph becomes a distilled, evocative frozen fragment of an art form that by its nature is fleeting and ephemeral.

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