The Official ABAP Reference Издательство: Sap Pr America, 2005 г Твердый переплет, футляр, 1200 стр ISBN 1592290396 инфо 3752n.

This expansive 2-volume collection features explanations and examples referring to each current or obsolete command in ABAP, convenientlye sorted into subject areas, up to and including the current Release 64аэфэр0 In addition to a detailed introduction to all of the essential concepts, you will also benefit from a comprehensive overview of the application context of each respective instruction Details on potential error messages, as well as practical recommendations, are delблфзьivered to you directly from SAP’s own ABAP development department, making this exclusive reference indispensable An enormous glossary, in which all technical terms from the ABAP environment are defined, serves as an excellent complement For this considerably extended new edition, all chapters have been revised and updated for Release 640 In addition to the numerous sections that were re-written from scratch, you can also take advantage of insights on many new subject areas, like AбсййхBAP and XML, which are explained in great detail for the first time Highlights Include: Description of all language elements, categorized by subject Detailed introductions to, and insights on, each complex topic Unicode extension Obsolete language elements Conversion rules Allocations ABAP and XML Exceptions Glossary including all ABAP technical terms 2nd Ed edition Авторы Хорст Келлер Horst Keller Joachim Jacobitz.