Single and Multi-Carrier DS-CDMA: Multi-User Detection, Space-Time Spreading, Synchronisation, Networking and Standards Издательство: Wiley-IEEE Press, 2003 г Твердый переплет, 1104 стр ISBN 0470863099 инфо 3749n.

This volume is dedicated to a range of CDMA and MC-CDMA transmission aspects of systems designed for communicating over fading wireless channels Currently, a technical in-depth book on this subject, which haаэфэиs a similar detailed exposure of the ecent advances in CDMA, M-ary CDMA and MC-CDMA, is unavailable A further attraction of the joint treatment of these topics is that it allows the reader to view their design trade-offs in a comparative context Divided into five maблфзтin parts: Part I – provides a detailed introduction to the subject of CDMA systems designed for employment in various application Part II – deals with the currently hot topic of genetic algorithm assisted multiuser detection Part II – gives a detailed account of new, reduced-complexity M-ary CDMA schemes Part IV – considers a range of novel MC-CDMA schemes which have the potential of supporting numerous design objectives Part V – provides an overview of the G wireless system propoбсййнsals and characterises the expected network capacity gains attained with the aid of adaptive CDMA systems By providing an all-encompassing self-contained treatment this groundbreaking volume will have appeal to researches, postgraduate students, academics practising research and development engineers working for wireless communications and computer networking companies, as well as senior undergraduate students and technical managers in the field Авторы (показать всех авторов) Лэйджос Нэнзо Lajos Hanzo Л-Л Янг L-L Yang И-Л Куан E-L Kuan.