Meier: Richard Meier & Partners, Complete Works 1963-2008 Автор Филипп Джодидио Philip Jodidio инфо 3511n.

From the early days as a member of the New York Five, Richard Meier has been a central figure in contemporary architecture in the United States With the Getty Center and more recent buildings such as the Jubiаэффьlee Church in Rome, the New Yorker has cemented his reputation as a truly international figure who has expanded the horizons of contemporary American architecture while maintaining his rigorous approach to design and detailing Known for carefully conceived grid plans блфблand frequent use of white, Richard Meier is a master of light and space, able to adapt his style to very different circumstances and locations The entire span of Meier's career, right up to his most recent designs for New York and Shenzhen, is included in this exceptional volume, created in close collaboration between the architect, the author, and the eminent graphic designer Massimo Vignelli This spectacular monograph displays Meier's work in unprecedented size and brilliance, andбсйзк features a preface by the noted Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza Формат: 31 см х 39,5 см Иллюстрации Автор Филипп Джодидио Philip Jodidio.

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